Welcome to the webpage for the eco-evo-enviro research group at the University of Essex. We undertake research in the areas of population, community and evolutionary ecology and environmental science. Use the menus above to meet our group and hear about our work.


Our interests are largely about marine and freshwater habitats and the organisms they support. This includes fish, zooplankton, phytoplankton, microbes and sometimes birds. But we also use model systems to explore exciting questions in ecology and evolution. We are involved in a wide range of fundamental and applied ecological research that uses observational and experimental approaches in the lab and field, combining these approaches with statistical and mathematical models, to develop solutions to conflicts in the natural environment that society, business and government need help with.

Our research can roughly be divided into three areas:

1. What are the ecological and evolutionary responses of populations to environmental change and how does this affect population persistence, variability or management.

2. What are the ecological and evolutionary responses of ecological communities to natural predation, harvesting and disturbance and what knock-on effects does this have on the structure of food-webs and environmental processes such as nutrient cycles and microbial function.

3. Working with environmental, policy and industry stakeholders to find the evidence led “radical middle” solutions to environmental problems and conflicts.

Further information on-going research projects, people in the group, opportunities and our publications can be found by entering the webpage tabs along the top of this page.

The website is  new and developing every day so please email Tom if you are interested in anything but there is no info on the webpage yet :0)