Diversity is everything including everyone

Its easy to take diversity for granted. And I really do mean that in all sense of the meanings of diversity. As part of a ‘Uni’ training course I am working in a team with four colleagues from across the campus who I would have otherwise never met – from Law, Marketing and  Human Resources. Not only are we diverse but our project is about how others view diversity in the people they meet on campus – never quite such an important topic have I had the pleasure to work on and especially so in the current socio-political climate when “ecology rules” – i.e. when competition and hardship is perceived cooperation declines.

But it also strikes me exactly how diverse our PGR/PGT research community is. Over the last few months I have recruited four new Tropical Marine Biology masters. They are amazing and they are just this week embarking on their projects – two in the field studying Herbivory in the Indo-Pacific and the Mediterranean and two working in the #fishsci labs on fish growth and behaviour. In addition we have two Masters by dissertation students – who are working on development of sustainable marine economic policy and reef herbivory respectively.

Half of this group are not from the UK. Of those 2/3 are not from Europe. Isn’t that wonderful! Just amazing that as a person working in lil’ ole British Isles we get to meet people from all over the world. It would be easy to take this for granted – it was not always thus – and it would be easily lost.