Masters Projects & Students

Current Students

Emma Ward – MSD – What drives variation in productivity of Posidonia Oceanica seagrass in the Eastern Mediterranean

Synthesa Kstayra – MSD- Developing sustainable regional ocean policy in SE Asia (with D. Smith)

Amy Sing Wong – MSD – Predation and herbivory in tropical reef communities (with D. Smith)

Benjamin Archer – MSD – Measuring carbon flux from temperate freshwaters (with E. Low-Decarie) (Former UG student in our group working on fish behaviour)


Past Students

Hartley George – MSc –  Fish growth in acidified waters

Nick Brown – MSc – Harvesting effects on Guppy behaviour

Greta Columbo – MSc – Interactions between herbivores in the Mediterranean

Martyn Jakins-Pollard – MSc – Predation risk and herbivory in Indonesian Reef fishes

James Bemrose – BSc – Measuring ontogenetic asymmetry in guppies – now undertaking BBSRC PhD on salmon reproduction at UEA with Matt Gage

George Miles – MSc – Physiological and Behavioural response of fishes to high CO2 during development

Kathryn Gavira O’Neil –  MSc – Trends in fish community dynamics in Indonesian coral reef protected areas – now Marine Tourism in the Arctic

Giovanni Bianchini – Size-spectra among fishes between coral reefs in Indonesia

Connaugh Walsh – Modelling trophic cascades caused by overfishing Caribbean reefs

Hanna ten Brink – Emergent facilitation – Now Postdoc in Zurich

Joseph Huddart – Size-structured attack rates and IGP – now Dr Joe after study at Imperial College London

Anthony Caravaggi – Nesting Success in Managed reedbeds – PhD Belfast

Liz Morgan – Body condition of Whooper Swans (CoI Eileen Rees WWT) – now PhD student University of Leeds

Rosie Lennon – Management of hedgerows and winter farmland bird diversity (UG project) – now PhD University of York