Eco-Evo-Environmental biology of Freshwater Lakes

I am interested in the links between animal, phytoplankton and microbe communities and abiotic processes such as respiration, CO2 flux and the nitrate dynamics. I undertake this research at multiple scales from laboratory and mesocosm approaches, to well studied northern oligotrophic lakes and natural and impounded water in the UK.

Four freshwater oligotrophic lakes have been intensively studied for over 20 years by Professor Lennart Persson of Umea University. From 2014 the lakes will be involved in a new project that seeks to understand community wide responses of aquatic ecosystems to size structured predation and harvesting – for example how is carbon flux affected.

Closer to home in Essex we look to freshwater impoundments – reservoirs – and seek to understand the natural and management drivers of productivity and carbon flux in them. See more info on this project working with Anglian Water here.

I welcome interest from other researchers keen to bring new angles to this project and we can always host masters, PhD students and postdocs (subject to funding unfortunately).

These are collaborative projects involving researchers from the University of Essex (Cameron, Low-Decarie, Underwood, Dumbrell, Whitby, McKew) and Umea (Bystrom, Brodin, Karlsson and Persson).